Slicker Brushes


All Lawrence Slickers are hand crafted from the finest raw materials. The quality of design and manufacture makes them a pleasure to use.

Slicker brushes are intened to be used so that the wire pins do not scratch the skin and cause brush burn. This is why the Tender Care range is of such a light construction so that the groomer gets good feel from the brush.

For short coated breeds, slicker brushes should not be used – instead use the Lawrence Hound Gloves with natural fibre brush-pads.

Breed examples :-

Small Original (811S)
Wirehaired daschund
Dandie Dinmont
Skye Terrier
West Highland Terrier
Cairn Terrier
Welsh Corgie
Medium Original (812M)
Airedale Terrier
Chow Chow
Wire Haired Pointer
Large Original (813L)
German Shepherd
Irish Wolfhound
Old English Sheepdog

The “Tender Care” soft slicker brushes are specially designed for gentle grooming. With a lightweight aluminium construction and a soft cushioned pad, Tender Care are especially suitable for fine coated breeds as well as younger or older animals whose coats may require delicate attention.

Tender Care slickers are available in Tiny, Small, Medium and Large sizes.

Tiny (910TTC)
Shih Tzu
Yorkshire Terrier
Small (911STC)
Bichon Frise
King Charles Spaniel
Minature Schnauser
Smooth Haired Dachshund
Toy Poodle
Medium (912MTC)
Border Collie
Cocker Spaniel
Minature Poodle
Shetland Sheepdog
Japanese Spitz
Large (913LTC)
Giant Schnauser
Standard Poodle

The Tiny Tender Care is also useful for grooming around the faces and delicate parts of larger breeds.

The Tender Care “302” has pins made from 100% garde 302 stainless steel.The additional softness of this wire as well as total resistance to water makes it ideal for use after shampooing.

The new “FreeStyle” curved slicker is a universal brush for any medium or long coated breed where back combing of the undercoat is needed to remove low lying fallen hair. The comfortable handle and curved design assist in this “lifting action”



Firm pin slicker brush ideal for thicker and coarser coats, from Terriers to German Shepherd dogs.

A universal curved ‘slicker’ especially useful for styling and undercombing. Well made in high grade polypropylene.


The best soft slicker brush available, combines strength with softness. A favourite for all gentle grooming and great for older dogs and puppies.


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